Welcome to Sayapatri Krishi Farm

Nature never tries to raise crops without animals, and the more species in attendance the better. This doesn't mean extra management problems, it means increased biodiversity -- which works in your favour in many ways, meaning fewer management problems. Fewer pests, less disease, higher yields, fertile soil, a healthy farm, and all your eggs in many different baskets. Chickens are not just egg machines, they can do much more for you than that, if you let them, and reward you with better and cheaper eggs, more chickens, less work and a healthier farm. Pigs are more than meat factories -- if you understand the nature and function of a pig's snout, you won't keep pigs inside on nice clean cement and face high feed bills, higher vet bills, and even higher mortality rates. When you apply a variety of livestock to the land according to their nature, along with the crops according to their nature, in an integrated pattern according to Nature's nature, then all is well. Even in a backyard with no fields, no forage, no pasture, and no orchard, the same rules apply -- it's always possible to follow Nature's rules. You really have no room for livestock? Not even a rabbit? Well, there's always you, and the way you apply yourself to the land.